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Softwarte Obsolescence

Software obsolescence: the underestimated risk

Nothing is possible without software. And like hardware, software is changing all the time. These changes can soon pose a… more

IT job market 2017 (Image: DEKRA)

IT job market 2017: Software overtakes hardware

Software developers are the needle in the current employment haystack. That is according to the latest DEKRA Employment Market Report…. more

Tactile internet with 5G (Image: pixabay/Gerd Altmann)

TREND Tactile Internet: The magic of real time

5G is more than just a new mobile standard. By enabling haptic communications, it will have a marked impact on… more

Smart Grid (Image: Baden-Württemberg)

TREND Smart Grids: Intelligence boost for energy networks

Intelligent sensor systems or self-learning machines will revolutionize many industries. The energy industry too is increasingly seeing an opportunity to… more

Battery cells from A123 Systems, China (Image: Porsche)

Battery cells “Made in Germany”

Daimler tried it once years ago—building a cell factory in Germany. But it threw in the towel in 2015. Now… more

Power supply for medical implants (Image: KAIST).

TREND Medical Electronics: Self-powered implants

Up until now, annoying cables or batteries have kept medical implants running. In the future however, humans will provide the… more

Tire pressure sensors (Image: Continental)

TREND Embedded: “Intelligent” rubber

Tires are the most important link between a vehicle and the road. In the future they should therefore be able… more

Intelligent Sensors (Image: AG Silicon Germany).

TREND Intelligent sensors: Smart and “Industry 4.0 Ready”

Every “thing” needs a sensor. However, in the industrial IoT environment, it shall be able to do more than just… more

NVIDIA for autonomous driving (Image: NVIDIA).

TREND Autonomous Driving: Engine on, eyes closed?

For decades, only car manufacturers knew the secret ingredients for producing sleek vehicles. But now, the wizards from Silicon Valley… more

Mobileye (Image: Mobileye)

Intel buys Mobileye: A billion-dollar deal for autonomous driving

Plenty of companies were pursuing the Israeli image-processing specialist Mobileye. Now INTEL as edged out the competition. Although 15.3 billion… more

Wireless: Transmitting in the Internet of Things

In the future, all objects and devices on the Internet of Things will communicate with the user and, above all,… more

Electronics industry (Image: ZVEI).

Digitalization in a dead spot?

The ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association) released its latest study about the German electronics industry today. The principle… more

Data protection on the Internet of Things: Security awareness highest among Germans

The Internet of Things is associated with plenty of positive changes. However, increased networking is also opening up completely new… more

Smart cars alert police when stolen

85 percent of Germans would welcome a car that alerts police itself when it is stolen. In the future, fully… more

The enhanced human

Arm prostheses with feeling sensors, bionic eyes and robotic exoskeletons: Bioelectronic prostheses and microchip implants that compensate for physical deficits… more

Top predictions for 2017 (Image: pixabay).

TREND Technology: Top predictions for 2017

As every year, in fall, analysts have looked into their crystal balls. Some of the things they predict are foreseeable… more

LED headlamps

TREND Automotive: Bright ideas

Halogen and xenon have also lit up dark roads for drivers. But now new technologies are outshining everything that we… more

Futuromat for engineers (Screenshot Job-Futuromat ARD)

Are engineers becoming obsolete?

What do Santa Claus and software developers have in common? Their jobs are still safe. The same cannot be said… more

Daimler with wireless charging

The first series-produced car with wireless charging

It’s official. Next year the new Mercedes S 500e will be the first series-produced electric car to cut its charging… more

electronica Trend Index 2020: Artificial intelligence should not replace thinking

Artificial intelligence? Yes, please. But only if it is limited to assistants’ tasks. Most people want to use smart electronics… more

Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize for physics for “exotic” states of matter

electronica congratulates British-born David Thouless, John Kosterlitz and Duncan Haldane on their Nobel Prize. They used abstract mathematical methods to… more

Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles: Driving and being driven

Driverless driving is THE big thing in the auto industry. Now the US has released a safety assessment for automated… more

Telemedicine: Convenient but dangerous?

Implanted microchips, surgical robots and remote diagnoses via video chat and telemonitoring: Digital technologies are changing medicine and the healthcare… more

Carbon Nanotubes

TREND Transistors: Carbon now outperforming silicon

Since their discovery, carbon nanotubes have continued to fire the imagination. Now they also seem to be slowly but surely… more

TREND Transistors: Carbon now outperforming silicon

Since their discovery, carbon nanotubes have continued to fire the imagination. Now they also seem to be slowly but surely… more