Technologies and Applications

Hetero-integration (Image: Fraunhofer IAF).

Hetero-integration: Cherry-picking for better chips

The combination of different semiconductor technologies on one chip promises greater performance and functionality in high-frequency and power electronics, for… more

microchip for tracking smart pills and biosensors (Image: Caltech)

Unique microchip tracks smart pills and biosensors

New technology gives tracking capabilities to medical devices inside the body. That is critical for the function of biosensors and… more


Aibo – the legend makes a comeback

Fans of robodog Aibo have had to wait 10 years for its return. But now the wait is over, and… more

Neuromorphic chip Loihi

Neuromorphic chip mimics human brain

Lots of companies have created hardware for AI chores. By simulating human brain now neuromorphic chips can speed up machine… more

Biodegradable electronics

Biodegradable electronics for active implants

Electronics should function reliably for as long as possible. However, implants that dissolve in the body after they have done… more

Chemical sensors (Image: University of California, San Diego)

Chemical sensors: “Smart” ring for protection against external threats

Wearables are now an integral part of the tech world. They not only measure all manner of vital data but… more

paper loudspeakers (Image: TU Chemnitz)

Audiobooks with paper loudspeakers

A photo book incorporating the sound of the sea and birdsong, a novel with spoken dialog – this is all… more

Nobel Prize for Physics

Nobel Prize for Physics: The most sensitive “sensor” in the world

Supermassive black holes with masses millions of times that of the sun emit gravitational waves when they collide that can… more

Passive WiFi (Image: University of Washington)

Passive WiFi: Transmitting data with almost no electricity

Wireless communication with increasingly negligible energy consumption—it sounds almost too good to be true. And yet the idea is as… more

Embedded Software, Dr. Uwe Kracke,

Using embedded software strategically

Embedded software is developing into a strategic tool that companies use to compete. Structures and budgets for hardware and software… more

Single-atom electronics (Image: KIT)

A generation donation for single-atom electronics

Electronic components with the size of an atom are nothing new, but until now they only existed in the laboratory…. more

Hardware Trojan (Image: Fraunhofer FKIE)

The hardware Trojan: The “Greek” virus

Unlike its software counterpart, manipulated hardware enjoys a dangerous existence in the shadows. However, the threat that Trojans present to… more

Over-the-air pdate (Image: Bosch)

Over-the-air update: Securing cars over their lifetime

The cars that most people buy today will forever run the same software. In the future over-the-air updates keep them… more

LCD headlamp (Image: Hella)

LCD headlamp with endless opportunities

The use of LCDs in headlamps is a further step towards digitalizing lighting. It enables complex functions that will also… more

Jaguar Steering Wheel Sayer (Image: Jaguar)

Portable steering wheels

Steering wheels might disappear as self-driving cars hit the road. But they could also be the only part of the… more

Sensor plasters (Image:

Sensor plasters for permanent health checks

Wafer-thin, self-adhesive and packed with electronic – that’s what the medical wearables of the future will look like. A new… more

AI myths (Photo credit: pixabay/ OpenClipart-Vectors)

The most dangerous AI myths

If you listen around, artificial intelligence seems to be like the eighth wonder of the world. If you fall for… more

Smart City (Image: pixabay Speedy McVroom)

Smart City made in Germany

What has made Vienna the “smartest” city of 2017 is to also finally find its way into German cities. A… more

Hearing aid (Image: ReSound).

Hearing aid with AI and “telepathy”

Hearing aids are already marvels of technology. But in the future, scientists promise they will be almost “fantastic”.

RoboCup 2017 (Image: Universitaet Bremen/DFKI Peter Schulz)

RoboCup: Cute World Champions

Artificially intelligent machines have already spoiled a lot of games for us, just think of chess, checkers and Go. But… more

Optimal material with big data (Image: MPG)

“Revolutionary” materials and big data

Whether electric cars, smartphones or bio-implants – many technical innovations are based to a considerable extent on new materials. And… more

Piezosensor (Image: EMPA)

Piezosensor: As if by magic

Humans and machines are moving closer together. So it is important for them to “understand” one another. An amazing solution… more

Simulation models for cars. (Image: TU Vienna).

Car with built-in crystal ball

Our cars constantly make decisions on their own that we cannot control. Networking them with their surroundings combined with appropriate… more

VW cars with pWLAN (Image: VW)

pWLAN: VW cars will talk to each other

Connected cars will make traffic safer and more efficient. Therefore, in the future, VW cars will allow drivers to effectively… more

Supercapacitor (Image: pixabay/Bilderjet).

Superstretchable, supercompressible supercapacitor

Flexible, wearable electronics require equally flexible, wearable power sources. A new supercapacitor can be stretched to 1000 percent in length… more