Technologies and Applications

Sensor Package (Image: Carnegie Mellon University)

Sensors and AI are a dream team

You don’t have to attach sensors to everything. With machine learning, a new suite of only nine different sensors can… more

Magnetic resonance imaging (Image: pixabay).

Deep Learning: Neural telepaths

Observing the brain at work has long been a dream of neuroscientists. A dream that could now come true. New… more

Two-dimensional transistors (Image: AMBER)

First printed two-dimensional transistors

2D transistors make displays so cheap that they would be literally disposable. Then wine labels could show when the contents… more

Backscatter (Image: Disney Research)

Sensors hitchhike on ambient radio waves

Sensor transceivers for IoT demand battery power thus limiting usability. In the future they could connect via radio sources from… more

Battery concept EMBATT (Image: EMBATT)

1000 km range with sandwich-like batteries

You cannot get far today with electromobiles, because batteries require a lot of space. With the bipolar approach a lot… more

Single-electron transistors (Image: TU Ilmenau)

Single-electron transistors: Light at the end of the tunnel

Electronics are expected to get—and have to get—increasingly smaller and more efficient. Of course, at some point that is when… more

Magnetic field sensors

Magic magnetic field sensors sound the alarm

In the future, a new sensor cable could be used to protect airports, industrial complexes and people’s yards without a… more

Brain implants (Image: EPFL)

Brain implants can do more than help people stop shaking

Having a chip in your brain still sounds like science fiction. But for many Parkinson patients, now it is more… more

Neural networks (Photo: Thales Group).

“Solid” neural networks

Artificial neural networks based on software function similarly to the real ones in our brains. But they need immense amounts… more

Redox flow battery (Image: ETH Zurich).

Redox flow: New battery provides power and cooling

Tightly packed electronic components generate a lot of heat. Tiny redox flow batteries will beneath supplying energy also dissipating the heat… more

Smart pills (Image: BodyCap).

Smart pills monitor your vitals

New electronic pills look like and are ingested just like drug capsules. Once swallowed, however, they allow for continuous core… more

Textile sensor (Image: EMPA)

Textile sensor measures heart rate

There is growing interest in smart textiles for medical applications. Extreme flexible fiber optics woven into fabric now let clothing… more

Solid-state batteries from Bosch. (Image: Bosch)

Solid-state batteries: In search of the “super battery”

A maximum amount of energy in a minimum amount of space: Lithium-ion batteries have met that standard for a long… more

LTE-V2X (Image: Deutsche Telekom)

LTE-V2X: Tested on the German autobahn

Mobile telephones and traffic—until now, often a fatal combination. But if drivers are no longer part of the equation, those… more

Self-charging displays (Image: Illinois Edu).

Two-way LEDs for self-charging displays

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have now replaced other technologies in most lighting applications. And the organic variety (OLED) is increasingly replacing… more

MEMS loudspeaker (Image: Usound).

The smallest MEMS loudspeaker in the world

It’s the smallest loudspeaker in the world, but they say it makes some big noise. MEMS makes it possible. These… more

Human-robot collaboration: Snake skin as a temperature sensor

Human-robot collaboration: Snake skin as a temperature sensor

Detecting temperature is an important function of skin. Snakes can use their skin to track warm-blooded prey, even in the… more

Cyborg dragonfly (Image: Draper Laboratory).

Cyborg dragonfly with electronic backpack

Wings have a number of advantages over rotors. That is why dragonflies are increasingly encountering drones that look just like… more

Attention Assist (Image: Bosch)

Attention Assist takes care of the coffee

It will be a while before drivers are able to take naps on the freeway. Until then, there is a… more

Facet-eye camera (Image: University of Illinois / Beckman Institute).

Facet-eye camera with artificial insect eye

Miniature cameras can be found in billions of smartphones as well as countless other modern devices. However, the physics of… more

Service robots pepper (Image: Aldebaran)

Service robots with “emotions”

Lots of people wouldn’t refer to autonomous vacuum cleaners or lawnmowers as robots. But that doesn’t make them any less… more

Christmas (Image: pixabay alexandra/muenchen)

Christmas for techies

The festival of love and gifts is just around the corner. But what do you give your “favorite engineer”? And… more

Digital copilot Kirobo Mini Toyota.

STARTUP: Digital copilot thinks along with you

Self-driving cars are coming—that much is certain. But while we wait for them to get here, human drivers are increasingly… more

SiGe - Transistor (Photo: Georgia Tech, Rob Felt).

World record with frozen transistors

People have been waiting for the end of silicon technology for decades. The smaller things get and the faster things… more

Superkondensator (Image: University of Central Florida)

Super battery with supercapacitors

“Super” is a popular adjective when it comes to energy storage. Supercapacitors even have it in their name. Now they… more