A look behind the scenes: How exhibition stands are created

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DATA MODUL has been presenting its new developments at electronica since 1976. While that used to involve display cases and samples, now the company presents its products at interactive exhibition stands. We discussed how product presentations have developed over the last 42 years with Victoria Hecktor from DATA MODUL.

The company started planning its exhibit at electronica started back in April: That is now routine at DATA MODUL. The internationally established specialty supplier in the sector for display technology has been exhibiting at electronica since 1972. Still, each time that the stand finally opens is a special moment. After all, even when you plan everything on time, there is no way to completely rule out last-minute delays before the fair begins: “I remember one year when the technicians didn’t finish configuring the last panel until 9:15 on the first day of the fair. It was just in time …right before visitors started arriving at the stand,” says Victoria Hecktor. “Of course, those kind of last-minute situations are the absolute exception. In all these years, we never had to delay an opening.”

Interactive innovations instead of closed display cases

...and today. DATA MODUL at electroncia 2012.
…and today. DATA MODUL at electroncia 2012.

“Being close to innovations and being able to try them out on location”—that is DATA MODUL’s credo for visitors at electronica 2014. One major difference to product presentations in the early days: In the early 1970s, products were only presented in the form of samples and in closed display cases. At the time, their status was more like that of an exhibit, and in many cases, they weren’t even available on short notice. “But the desire for large-format, color display media was recognizable even then—and demand has remained undiminished to this day,” says Victoria Hecktor. “The difference is, we used to use prototypes in glass cases to get our customers excited. But today, what they appreciate most is a diverse range of customizable solutions and reliable products that are technologically advanced and immediately available in large quantities.”

Interactive trade-fair experience Like many other companies, DATA MODUL follows the latest trends and will give visitors at electronica 2014 an interactive trade-fair experience: They will be able to see the advantages of various TFT display technologies such as TN, MVA, IPS and VA on a technology wall. The various displays differ from one another primarily in the way that the pixels regulate incoming light. “Our customers expect us to have leading, future-proof products at the fair that will still be considered state of the art in the next five to ten years,” says Victoria Hecktor. “That is why future-proof products such as large OLEDS and curved TFT displays will take up the most room at our stand at this year’s electronica.”


DATA MODUL exhibition stand in former days...