Industry 4.0 also at Oktoberfest

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Quite a few manufacturers have taken up the topic of Industry 4.0. However, without comprehensive safety and security technologies – and cast in hardware at that – many of them see little chance for the high-end factories. Among the skeptics is also Infineon (A5.506).

In addition, many sensor manufacturers too want to put their “sleuthing noses” into the factory of the future, of course. Yet, not every sensor can be implemented both in a medical T-shirt and in the factory. National Instruments (A1. 3017) has contemplated this issue and, with multi-sensor systems and integrated, intelligent signal processing, identified two prerequisites for the future development of Industry-4.0-compatible sensors.

Meanwhile, a micro PLC (programmable logic controller) at the booth of Maxim Integrated (A4.266) is labeling beer mugs in quantities for the next Oktoberfest.

Maxim Integrated Micro-SPS