electronica Fast Forward, electronica’s start-up platform, presents a diverse range of innovations

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From advanced developments in 3D printing and intelligent thermostats to an innovative smart-home gateway: electronica Fast Forward allows visitors to discover a number of promising ideas, prototypes and products. Here is an early look at the highlights.

Innovative solutions from a number of very different start-ups from around the world are already waiting to be presented to an international audience in November. Founders have until October 4 to submit their entries and compete for the electronica Fast Forward Award in three categories, i.e. “Idea”, “Prototype” and “Start-up”. A number of founders, aspiring entrepreneurs and creative minds have registered to present their innovative ideas at electronica. A panel of judges will evaluate their submissions and select the best participants from all the contenders, who will then go on to present themselves within the scope of electronica Fast Forward. For all visitors who want to know what to look forward to now, here is an early look at some of the submissions.

Inspiring ideas

3D printing.
3D printing.

3D printing makes it possible to manufacture products in a manner that is quicker, more cost-effective and more environmentally friendly. A Belgian start-up that is presenting itself in the “Idea” category of the electronica Fast Forward platform wants to put those advantages to good use. More specifically, the potential founders are developing compact 3D printers that can be used to manufacture aluminum parts—without relying on lasers, high voltage or metal powder.

Fellow competitor in the same category: A start-up from Russia is working on innovative components for which the company has coined the term “barrier resistor” elements or “baristors.” They are supposed to replace thyristors and triacs as power-electronics elements and be considerably more efficient.


Prototypes with potential
A product that awaits electronica’s visitors in the “Prototype” category has the lofty objective of saving lives. An Austrian team has developed a system that uses instant messaging to remind car owners about children or pets that have been left in the car if they are in danger due to high temperatures or a lack of oxygen. Several sensors detect if someone is still in the car and whether the situation is dangerous for the person or pet. If the car’s owner does not respond to the warning message, the system can even notify emergency services and provide the car’s location.

A Chinese start-up that is also in the “Prototype” category will present a smart-home gateway that features a private cloud memory. The gateway collects, manages and saves data from smart-home sensors and controls actuators. The thing that makes it especially practical is that it also serves as a multimedia center that stores music, videos, photos and other files on a private cloud server, which can be made available to the user at all times.

Start-ups that want to take off
Founders who also swear by 3D printing—and who have made more progress in this area—are also presenting themselves in the “Start-up” category. NEXTDynamics in Berlin has designed 3D printers that, unlike many other printers, galvanizes the manufactured material and can be used to produce solderable copper-silver alloys for circuits. The innovative 3D printer can also produce conductive and non-conductive substrate materials and three-dimensional circuits. The start-up hopes that its printer will permanently change how electronic circuits are manufactured.

At the Munich-based start-up eCozy, everything revolves around the topic of energy-efficient heating for private use. eCozy has developed an intelligent thermostat that adapts to the homeowner’s lifestyle on its own. The smart thermostat uses an algorithm to guarantee perfect heating conditions, even when residents are not home, and cuts energy consumption by up to 30 percent in the process.

For the first time ever, the electronica Fast Forward Award is being presented in close cooperation with “Elektor” magazine. Additional information and details about how to apply for the electronica Fast Forward Award are available at the electronica Website and at the Elektor Website.

Visitors attending the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications from November 8 – 11, 2016 can experience these and other ideas, projects and products as part of the electronica Fast Forward start-up platform.


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