Match me if you can – find suitable business contacts even before the trade fair!  

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The right contacts and a solid network are indispensable in the corporate world. electronica represents the ideal pool to establish new contacts or to strengthen the existing contact network. How can you find the right person, while maintaining an overview? We’ll show you how to accomplish this using the electronica Matchmaking.

The new electronica Matchmaking feature enables you to establish contact to relevant exhibitors and key business partners – prior to the trade fair. In just a few short steps, you will receive access to key industry contacts. To do this, simply register on the electronica website in the “my electronica” field and create your personal profile. The Matchmaking feature will then automatically show you, which exhibitors correspond to your particular criteria.


An easy way to approach people

It’s not all that easy to find the right words when you meet someone for the first time. The contact form is designed to help you establish contact directly with the right person and set up appointments with them. In addition, a new function makes it even easier for you to establish the initial contact: Particular questions, cooperation offers or specific product requirements can be sent in a non-committal and anonymous way to a preselected group of exhibitors.


More than just contacts

Four conferences and five forums – it’s easy to lose track and sometimes it’s even hard to find out where the right presentation is being held. “my electronica” provides assistance in the form of recommendations for appropriate forums or potentially interesting conference sessions, all of which is based on your profile.

Comfortably organize your trade fair visit by using the new electronica Matchmaking feature to schedule specific meetings, establish suitable and new partnerships, and make your visit even more efficient. Of course, this is a complimentary service for our visitors!

One more tip: Install the electronica app on your smartphone, so that you can use the Matchmaking function anywhere! With full-coverage WiFi, you can easily communicate with your contacts while attending the trade fair.


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