The future of sensor technology

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The impact of sensors on the industry and our society is steadily growing. And completely new applications keep getting brought into the fold. A study by the Association for Sensors and Measurement (AMA) now shows where the journey will lead in the years to come.

It is said that “data are the oil of the 21st century” – not without good reason. After all, if they are properly combined and interpreted, data can help produce a lot of new findings. This applies to both business and private affairs. And a massive portion of these data are being produced through sensors. Whether Smart City, Smart Industry, Smart Grids, Smart Cars or Smart Home – “smartness” always starts with sensors that provide fuel to a certain type of intelligence. So it’s no wonder that the sensor industry has gained a hugely important role in recent years – and not just in Germany.

The study carried out by the Association for Sensors and Measurement (AMA) – “Sensor Technologies 2022” – shows, among other things, how current trends from ICT have an impact on the development of sensors. The exemplary depictions of a number of selected innovative sensor applications is intended to demonstrate the future trends.

Sensor technology meets PCB

Another chapter focuses on mounting and connection technologies as well as contacting processes. Ultimately, they have a considerable impact on the reliability and the production costs as well as the functional properties. Among other things, the authors of the study observed the continued large dominance of PCB-based sensor technologies, the monolithic integration as a basis for extreme size and cost reductions as well as a miniaturization through SMD and chip-scale packages suitable for sensors.

Read the study

The study carried out by the association is now available on the AMA website for a nominal fee of €12:

Furthermore, the AMA association is currently inviting researchers and developers to Apple for the prestigious AMA Innovation Award 2018. Innovative solutions for sensors and measuring systems are being sought. The closing date for submissions is January 23, 2018.


AMA Sensor technology (Bosch: Sensortec)

MEMS sensors are a key technology for the networked world. (Photo: Bosch Sensortec).