Shared expertise at electronica 2018 conferences, Discovery Stage: #ele18 Day 2

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Blog posting edited by Ingo Becker

The 2018 edition of electronica (#ele18) is hosting, besides the exhibition, 4 conferences in 5 days! Bringing comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology insights to all visitors, the topic range reaches from Automotive (eAC – already on Monday) via Embedded Platforms (eEPC), and Wireless Congress (both Wednesday to Thursday) to Medicine (eMC – on Thursday). In addition, the variety of subjects at the electronica Forums within the exhibition area enables visitors to get knowledge directly from the experts.

Latest on Connectivity for Industrial Internet Things

Keynote by Dr Afif Osseiran, Ericsson, at electronica Wireless Congress 2018
Dr Afif Osseiran, Ericsson

The keynote of the 15th Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications was held by Dr Afif Osseiran, Director, Industry Engagements & Research, Ericsson. While focusing on “The Potential of 5G for Industry 4.0“, he presented the latest developments of 5G standard regarding the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

In a recently published interview with the electronica blog, Dr Osseiran already stated out that –

“5G will provide a unified communication platform for IoT. Connectivity and in particular wireless communication is a critical component of IoT. It will provide powerful and pervasive connectivity between machines, people and objects.”

– Read the entire interview with Dr Afif Osseiran, Ericsson, on 5G and IIoT

Latest on Raspberry PI by inventor Eben Upton

Eben Upton, Raspberry Pi, at electronica Embedded Platforms Conference 2018 (eEPC)
Eben Upton, Raspberry Pi

Embedded systems make up the major share of the electronics market, with billions of semiconductors and electronic components being integrated. The electronica Embedded Platforms Conference features comprehensive know-how about embedded platforms including their ecosystems, and latest development regarding software, i.e. applications and solutions.

The creator of the legendary, small and affordable Raspberry PI computer, Eben Upton, held his keynote on “Raspberry PI goes Industrial“. The topic of his further talks at eEPC was the “Current state of the RaspberryPi world“).

Ben Gilboa, Marketing Product Manager, Texas Instruments, presented “Multi-protocol wireless communication—Multiple wireless protocol stacks running concurrently on single device. Use-cases and performance trade-offs” earlier today.

Ben Gilboa, Texas Instruments, at electronica 2018 Embedded Platforms Conference (eEPC)
Ben Gilboa, Texas Instruments

Connected with cryptocurrency experts at the Discovery Stage

The electronica Discovery Stage program at the center of the electronica Experience brings exciting lectures, presentations, expert talks, and panel discussions on trends and topics relating to the future, such as cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger, artificial intelligence, diversity or the future of mobility.

Today, on “Cryptocurrency Day”, the spot light was on blockchain technology as Bitcoin as well as IOTA and Tangle. Among keynotes of renowned speakers, Dr Klaus Holthausen, CEO, TEAL AI AG, and Tobias Martin Zeitler, DLT- and IOTA-Expert, IOTA Ecosystem, presented their Use Cases – “IOTA vs. Bitcoin / TANGLE vs. Blockchain: Common Ground and Differences“.