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SiC leads to faster cars in Formula E

Electric Vehicles started to become more and more accepted. However they must get much more energy efficient. Therefore a large part… more

Softwarte Obsolescence

Software obsolescence: the underestimated risk

Nothing is possible without software. And like hardware, software is changing all the time. These changes can soon pose a… more

STMicroelectronics Solutions to Make Everything Smarter at electronica 2016

ST will demonstrate the power of technology to make manufacturing, driving, and devices smarter and securely connected at Electronica 2016… more

Humanoid robot NAO at electronica 2016

Since 1923, the slogan “Let’s Shape the Future” has been at the heart of our company history. Max Conrad, founder… more

ST will be showing off the world’s fastest ARM Cortex-M MCU on their Electronica booth

ST announced last week the world’s most powerful implementation of the ARM® Cortex®-M7 processor for the embedded market. Come and… more

Sharing Ideas. Shaping the Future.

Conrad Electronic at the Electronica: Hall A5.462. Innovative ideas are what drives technologies of tomorrow. Our company teams up with… more

Component Obsolescence Group

Best measures to combat obsolescence at electronica 2016

The increasingly shorter life cycles of products for certain consumer sectors (for smartphones and tablets as low as six to… more

More functionality thanks to ultra-thin materials

At electronica 2016, DYCONEX AG will show a sample board that meets the technological requirements of the latest multilayer flexible… more