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Technologie Trends 2020

The most important technology trends 2020

The final weeks before the end of the year belong to the analysts. But before the tea leaves can tell… more

Engineering labor market

Engineering labor market: Cooled down, but not cold

With delay comes a dip in the economy, even for the specialist job market. Two current studies are showing the… more

Invent a Chip

Invent a Chip: Microelectronics produced by the next generation

Secondary school students took part in a globally unique microelectronic development competition for the 18th time. The winners recently picked… more

Digital transformation

Digital transformation: Management 4.0

The topic of digitalization is “rampant” throughout companies. This trend is linked to a wide range of uncertainties, thus demanding… more

chip industry

Chip industry: boom thanks to AI

After a weak 2019, the semiconductor industry should return to growth next year. According to a new study carried out… more

Electrical engineers

Electrical engineers defy the economic lull

Reports about job cuts are increasing. However, engineers and computer scientists have little to worry about: they are being employed… more

mobility concepts

Mobility concepts: self-driving cars with acceptance problems

Driving without a human driver will be possible in the not too distant future. But many of the intended users… more

Energy storage

Energy storage: battery boom with no end in sight

Batteries keep our increasingly “electronic” lives running. This ensures an apparently unceasing demand for them. In other words: the future… more

tech sector

“Minor” boom for German tech sector

Muted economic outlooks can’t frighten the technology industry since several megatrends will provide some real momentum by 2022.


Keyless: Car keys can be a pain in the neck

Something which has been the norm in car sharing clubs for quite some time could soon also be used by… more

salary report 2019

Salary Report – Electronics Industry 2019: More money for everyone

Which engineers in the electronics industry are the most highly paid? The Salary Report 2019 from Interconsult gives an insight… more

AI made in Europe

“AI made in Europe” booming with investment?

The market for artificial intelligence also boasts impressively high growth rates in Europe. However, despite this, companies making investments in… more

Electromobility 2019

Electromobility 2019: breakthrough delayed

China passed the magic figure of one million new electric vehicle registrations last year. Germany is far from reaching this… more

Tech hubs

Tech hubs: the battle for the brightest minds

In the digital economy, cities and locations around the world are competing for talented tech specialists. After all, they are… more

Technologie Trends 2020

The Top Tech Trends 2019

Every year starting in fall, analyst firms try to predict the near future. Gartner is the first this year to… more

electronica Trend Index 2018

electronica Trend Index 2018 – Consumers’ thoughts on AI, robots, and digital security

81% of consumers all around the world would like “electronic devices of the future” to make their lives easier. However,… more


LTE-V2X: “Automobile” direct communication on trial

Traffic networking promises more safety, more energy efficiency, and fewer emissions. To do this, the first commercial technology connects automobiles… more


More cash for European startups

The latest EY Startup Barometer shows that there is more capital and more funding available for young companies on the… more


TREND Cybersecurity: Attacks on private households

Energy efficiency, security, and comfort – these are just some of the attractions of a smart home. But unfortunately, this “networked”… more

embedded vision

TREND Embedded Vision: The “Eye” of AI

High computing performance and low power consumption in mini format – it’s not surprising that embedded vision has become the… more

Cyber security for patient data: data security in medicine

Digitalization is leading to permanent changes within the health care sector. It promises better patient care, makes doctors’ work easier… more


Telemedicine saves lives “for the first time”

In spite of promising projects, telemedicine is still not part of regular care. However, a study which for the first… more

Retrofit Kit

Retrofit kit for autonomous driving

Anyone who’s reluctant to give up their “old” car needn’t go without autonomous features. New retrofit kits will relieve drivers… more

Autonomous Commercial Vehicles

TREND Autonomous Commercial Vehicles: Robo trucks at the depot

While everyone is talking about self-propelled juggernauts on our streets, the autonomous revolution is actually taking place almost unnoticed in… more

Battery cells from A123 Systems, China (Image: Porsche)

TREND Rechargeable Batteries: “Developing Country” Germany

The German automotive industry does not normally involve itself with the key technology of rechargeable batteries. New battery technology might… more