Technologies and Applications

Wake-Up receiver

Wake-up receiver: Electronics in “hibernation”

Although electronic systems use lots of electricity, they can also help to minimize energy use. With a wake-up chip for… more

Dr. Michael Töpper/Fraunhofer IZM: Will Chiplets Revive Moore’s law?

Scientists, the industry, the stock market… – in short: everyone is getting excited about chiplets. These are individual modules that,… more

Electronic Skin

Electronic skin: “Body sensation” for robots

In industry, robots are already working safely alongside humans without any protective fences. However, more “feeling” is desired for robots… more

Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 for battery researchers

The Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded John Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Congratulations from electronica!

Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide for mass production

For many years, silicon carbide (SiC) has been treated as a “dangerous” rival to silicon – at least in the… more

Lithium-ion technology

Lithium-ion technology: lots of life left

The true potential of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries is still waiting to be tapped. A doubling of the battery’s capacity appears… more

Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Explainable Artificial Intelligence: A peek inside the black box

Results provided by neural networks can have a massive impact on the people who use them. Therefore, they must be… more


Ferroelectric materials: High-performance nylon capacitors

Nylon isn’t bulky and it “polarizes”. The material has been used to make stockings for around eighty years, and now… more

NEMS sensor

World’s smallest NEMS sensor made from graphene

Graphene, the “miracle material,” has become a talking point once again. This time, as a material for high-accuracy acceleration sensors… more

AI Chip

World’s largest AI chip with 1.2 trillion transistors

A huge processor has been designed to slash the training time of the “deepest” neural networks from months to minutes…. more

Particle measurement

Particle measurement: “Singing” sensors against air pollution

Fine particulate air pollution in cities throughout Europe is to be reduced. But to do this, the local authorities need… more


First 5G construction site in Germany

Self-driving excavators, a wireless 5G network with a construction site cloud and intelligent tools – this is how digitalized construction… more


Hyperloop: Traveling throughout Europe by tube

From Brussels to Barcelona in just 30 minutes – sound fanciful? This could become reality in the not too distant… more

Connected textiles

Connecting textiles: smart living 4.0

Living spaces should be attractive – but they need to be functional at the same time. For instance, with the… more


Self-organization: origami for microelectronics

Smaller is better – also and especially in microelectronics. For this to remain feasible in the future, an astounding “folding… more

Embedded Machine Learning

Embedded machine learning: micro-intelligence for sensors

The mission of electronics is to simplify our lives in the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) will certainly play a major… more

Ultrasound-based operating concepts

Ultrasound-based gesture recognition

Speech is probably the most natural interface between man and machine. However, rather “unhuman” solutions are being offered for dealing… more

air taxis

Air taxis: Taking off with plug & fly

Public transport of the future will also take to the skies. But there is one missing ingredient standing in the… more

Combination sensors

Combination sensors for light, heat and touch

Robot developers and physicians have been working for a long time on the idea of electronically reproducing the functions of… more


Keyless: Car keys can be a pain in the neck

Something which has been the norm in car sharing clubs for quite some time could soon also be used by… more

Grid expansion

Grid expansion: Renewable energy on “old” power lines

The energy transformation in Germany urgently needs new power lines to transport wind power generated along the northern coast to… more


MXene: “Earthy” batteries produced by 3D printers

Lithium-ion batteries are now supplying power to “electricity eaters” around the world. But they are not doing so to everybody’s… more

Ultra-low power

Ultra-low power: More steam for smart robots

Swarms of robots would already be able to fulfill complex missions today if it wasn’t for the eternal problem of… more

Biohybrid systems: Robots dance in the beehive

Biohybrid systems: Robots dance in the beehive

Bees are increasingly falling victim to deadly environmental conditions. For this reason, “smart cities” for insects should be established to… more

Mini factory

“Unique” skin cream from a mini factory

What skin type are you – greasy, dry or mixed? If a cream is to have maximum effect, it must… more