Technologies and Applications

Indoor Navigation (Image: Fraunhofer IOSB)

Indoor navigation with flash drives

To navigate, you always need location. In the great outdoors, this is no problem thanks to the wonders of GPS…. more

Networked headlamps

Networked headlamps to eliminate “camouflaged” obstacles

Whether a human driver or an autonomous vehicle – only those who can see the obstacle can brake. In future,… more

Connectome imaging

Connectome – AI dissects its role model

Scientists have been trying to track down the highly-complex wiring diagram of our brains for decades. It now seems that… more


HEMT: Freedom for electrons

New semiconductors are needed for the next generation of mobile telephony infrastructure. Highly touted candidates include high-electron-mobility transistors based on… more

micro drone

Brain for micro drones

Energy-consumption is a huge issue for small drones and robots. A new navigation chip now demands just 24 milliwatts in… more

High-power charging

High-power charging: Espresso refueling stops for electric cars

High-power charging has reached Germany. In future, a brief coffee break will be enough to fully charge your electromobile. Except… more

Ferroelectric transistor

Ferroelectric Transistor: “AI-Memory”

Microcontrollers have to store increasing amounts of ever-more complex data in ever-smaller memories. Ferroelectric transitors could solve the problem.


Ultimate precision using qubits and machine learning

Scientists measured magnetic fields using a quantum system and AI. This could be a first step towards more precise technology… more

RoboKeeper (Image: Fraunhofer IML).

RoboKeeper: The world’s best penalty killer

It gives Messi, Neymar and the others a very tough time. With acceleration 20 times faster than a Formula 1… more

Artificial nerves

Artificial nerves give robots a sense of touch

A new artificial sensory nerve system identifies letters in the Braille alphabet. Maybe one day it give robots some type… more

Autonomous suitcase

Autonomous suitcase that follows you

World’s first AI-powered bag will drive itself through the airport. It is equipped with Computer Vision that can recognize its… more

Synthetic data

New AI technique helps robots work alongside humans

A new deep-learning system teaches robots to to learn from human demonstration. The method improves robot-human communication and allow them… more

Millennium Technology Prize Tuomo Suntola

Millennium Technology Prize for nanocoatings

Dr. Tuomo Suntola has received the technology award with the world’s highest prize money for atomic layer deposition (ALD) –… more

Power management (Image: pixabay/intografics).

IoT without batteries?

Power supply is one of the major challenges for IoT devices. But not for an innovative microchip with flexible power… more

Electronica noses

New nano-noses

Our sensory organs have been facing competition for some time now from their electronic counterparts. Indeed, our smartphones could already… more

Digitalization IoT Service Button

Digitization at the push of a button

Many companies have problems when it comes to digitization. A new easy-to-use “IoT Service Button” could now make any object… more

Voice Control

Voice control without speaking

What looks like a badly designed gadget could feature in a whole range of applications in the future. After all,… more

Bioresponsive sensors

Bioresponsive tooth-mounted sensors track what you eat

High-tech wearables are nearly everywhere. Now a new tooth-mounted biosensor take measurements from inside the mouth.

Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize

Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize: Algorithms for “securely” preventing errors

This year the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize goes to Prof. Antonia Wachter-Zeh. Her algorithms prevent and correct errors that may arise… more

Ultralow-power communications

Future sensors with cat-like “hearing”

Atomically thin “drumheads” are able to receive and transmit signals across a radio frequency range far greater than what we… more

Polymer films

Astonishing self-sensing high-tech actuators

New polymer films are not just actuators, but also have sensory properties. Controlled by algorithms they transform into high-tech components.

Test infrastructure (Image: HSHL / Kerstin Heinemann)

Quick tests for safety-critical chips

In autonomous vehicles, microchips play a key role. To ensure that they do their job without problems, scientists can now… more

Autonomous chips (Image: TUM)

The independent chip

Despite countless transistors, today’s chips are not prepared for all the challenges of digitalization. In the future, they will also… more

Autonomous bikes

Autonomous bikes: Call a Bike

Thousands of hire bikes are increasingly clogging up European cities. In order to put an end to the parking chaos,… more

Smart fashion makes outfits interactive.

Smart Fashion: Pretty electronic

Smartphones, smart homes, and smart watches are already almost old-fashioned. Smart fashion is the new trend. In two weeks’ time… more