Guidelines for Submission of Comments

We look forward to receiving your comments and the mutual exchange of opinions. However, please note the following general rules for comment submissions:

The purpose of the blog comments function is to promote objective discussion. To this end, the editorial team reserves the right to delete comments or remove individual sentences in comments if they are not in accordance with the aforementioned rules or do not relate to the contributions. An automatic right to publication does not exist.

Your e-mail address will not be made public and will be stored solely in connection with the comment.

Tone and etiquette

  • Show the same degree of respect to other users that you yourself would expect to receive.
  • Always keep in mind that you are dealing with people and not only virtual identities. State your case objectively and avoid personal attacks.
  • Insults, derogatory comments, abusive criticisms, sexual innuendos, sexist or racist comments or other discriminatory expressions are prohibited.
  • Everyone has the right to express their opinion. Never try to force your own opinion upon others.

If any of the following occurs, comments will be deleted:

  • Comments, which are not worded in German and English. Exchange of opinions is meaningful only if your contributions can be understood by the Community.
  • Comments which do not relate to the contribution being commented on since the author can only respond to that particular contribution
  • Misuse of the comments function as an advertising platform for websites or services
  • Machine-generated comments
  • Offering goods or services commercially or privately
  • Racism and hate propaganda
  • Incitement to violence against persons, institutions or companies
  • Pornography
  • All forms of insult or degradation of persons
  • Violations of third-party rights, in particular copyrights
  • Calls to demonstrations as well as all forms of political debate
  • Comments which are not in German or English
  • Comments without reference to the topic being commented on

These rules also apply to the use of user names.

Violations of these guidelines will not be tolerated.  We reserve the right to delete, edit, move or, if needed, to close the comments function on topics or contributions.



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