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Lab-on-a-Chip: Mega analyses in micro spaces

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More cash for European startups

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Medical electronics: Healthier with sensors

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Vehicle to grid: electric cars as electricity suppliers

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Intelligent light for cars: multipixel LED, flexible OLED and lasers

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Smart bridges for connected infrastructure

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Spray-on antennas unlock future communications

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TREND Cybersecurity: Attacks on private households

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TREND Embedded Vision: The “Eye” of AI

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Super networks with GaN

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“Robotic skin” turns everyday objects into robots

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Smart sensors for the Internet of Things

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Neuromorphic processor: The first brain chip

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Connected cars: does a Ford speak BMW too?

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Cyber security for patient data: data security in medicine

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Telemedicine saves lives “for the first time”

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Lensless camera – Car windshield as a giant sensor

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Retrofit kit for autonomous driving

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TREND Autonomous Commercial Vehicles: Robo trucks at the depot

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Single-atom transistor: small, smaller, as small as it gets

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Fast-charging solid-state batteries

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SiC leads to faster cars in Formula E

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