electronica 2016 Fair Munich

November 08. – 11. 2016

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Match me if you can – find suitable business contacts even before the trade fair!  

The right contacts and a solid network are indispensable in the corporate world. electronica represents the ideal pool to establish… mehr

The evolution of 3D printing – from plastic parts to quadrocopters

3D printers no longer print just plastic, and it has been that way for quite a while. Now they can… mehr

Automotive electronics: “Cheap semiconductors” in cars?

Now semiconductors are the latest innovation in the automobile. They constitute an enormous market that has become increasingly attractive to… mehr

LpS 2016 – It’s All About Technologies and Innovations

More than 100 speakers, 100 exhibitors and 1,500 visitors from over 50 countries will be part of the LED professional… mehr

Memristor: The thinking resistor

They switch, save and use very little electricity. But because they also behave like synapses, all the hype surrounding neural… mehr

One trade fair—Four conferences!

This year’s electronica revolves around the topics automotive, embedded systems, LED, wearables and healthcare as well as related topics such… mehr

STARTUP: Narrowband goes through the roof

In the heart of Silicon Saxony, former Intel employees are developing highly modern and extremely energy-efficient mobile communication chips for… mehr

Electroceuticals: Electricity instead of pills

Bioelectronics is one of the most exciting developing topics in medical research. In the future, wireless electronic microimplants which manipulate… mehr

Small devices “steal” battery power from larger ones

A new type of radio technology has the potential to dramatically extend battery life. Therefore small mobile devices wirelessly tap… mehr

TREND Start-ups: Venture made in Germany

Berlin is sexy – also for new companies. Nevertheless, many founders would prefer to be in the land of opportunity,… mehr

Visible-light communication: New Wi-Fi-emitting white LED

So-called visible-light communication (VLC) combines information transmission with illumination. With a new nanocrystalline material that rapidly makes white light out… mehr

Electrons at the speed limit

Light waves have the potential to boost the speed of conventional electronics by a factor of 1000. The only thing… mehr

TREND Transient Electronics: Controlled self-destruction

In actual fact, electronics should function reliably for as long as possible. However, smart implants that dissolve in the body… mehr

Silicon boost for lithium-ion batteries

Electric cars are built around lithium-ion batteries. They are too expensive, too big and don’t keep cars moving long enough…. mehr

From iPhone to “Eye Phone”

Augmented reality (AR) is much more than just a pair of glasses that lets you escape into another world. Thanks… mehr

Olympic champion on four wheels

For a long time, no one even mentioned the former show car from Nissan. Now it is zooming around Rio… mehr

electronica Fast Forward, electronica’s start-up platform, presents a diverse range of innovations

From advanced developments in 3D printing and intelligent thermostats to an innovative smart-home gateway: electronica Fast Forward allows visitors to… mehr

More information for when you are on the go: The electronica App!

In just a few weeks, electronica 2016 will open its gates and invite the electronics community to come to Munich…. mehr

From “animal electricity” to bioelectronics

Galvani Bioelectronics is the name of a new company that is working with Google holding Alphabet and pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline… mehr

6 reasons to invest in India

Demand for electronics products in India is expected to reach US$ 400 billion by 2020. One of six good reasons… mehr

STARTUP: Extremely sensitive sensor technology

Last week, a start-up based in Wurzburg, Germany, accepted the 2016 German Founders Award. It won the “Oscar for Start-ups“… mehr

Industry 4.0 in concrete terms

There is certainly no shortage of publications on the topic of Industry 4.0. The opportunities are big, but there are… mehr

electronica 2016: Online tickets are available now!

Whether autonomous driving or networked industrial processes: Now more than ever, electronics is a permanent part of our lives. How… mehr

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