MEMS loudspeaker (Image: Usound).
Cyborg dragonfly (Image: Draper Laboratory).
Attention Assist (Image: Bosch)
Service robots pepper (Image: Aldebaran)
SiGe - Transistor (Photo: Georgia Tech, Rob Felt).
Face recognition (Image: Intel)

electronica 2018

November 13-16, 2018

The smallest MEMS loudspeaker in the world

It’s the smallest loudspeaker in the world, but they say it makes some big noise. MEMS makes it possible. These… more

Human-robot collaboration: Snake skin as a temperature sensor

Detecting temperature is an important function of skin. Snakes can use their skin to track warm-blooded prey, even in the… more

Cyborg dragonfly with electronic backpack

Wings have a number of advantages over rotors. That is why dragonflies are increasingly encountering drones that look just like… more

Attention Assist takes care of the coffee

It will be a while before drivers are able to take naps on the freeway. Until then, there is a… more

Facet-eye camera with artificial insect eye

Miniature cameras can be found in billions of smartphones as well as countless other modern devices. However, the physics of… more

Service robots with “emotions”

Lots of people wouldn’t refer to autonomous vacuum cleaners or lawnmowers as robots. But that doesn’t make them any less… more

Happy New Year!

There was certainly no shortage of electronic innovations over the past year. Just a few weeks ago, electronica allowed us… more

Christmas for techies

The festival of love and gifts is just around the corner. But what do you give your “favorite engineer”? And… more

STARTUP: Digital copilot thinks along with you

Self-driving cars are coming—that much is certain. But while we wait for them to get here, human drivers are increasingly… more

World record with frozen transistors

People have been waiting for the end of silicon technology for decades. The smaller things get and the faster things… more

Wireless: Transmitting in the Internet of Things

In the future, all objects and devices on the Internet of Things will communicate with the user and, above all,… more

Super battery with supercapacitors

“Super” is a popular adjective when it comes to energy storage. Supercapacitors even have it in their name. Now they… more

The face as a master key

Why look for little keys in oversized bags when your face is all it takes to open gates and doors…. more

Digitalization in a dead spot?

The ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association) released its latest study about the German electronics industry today. The principle… more

#ele16 eTV Highlights

Today we have something really special for you. We are going to possibly witness the breaking of a world record… more

Internet of Things revolutionizing the electronics industry

In keeping with the motto “Connected Worlds—Safe and Secure,” electronica, the largest electronics trade fair in the world, took place… more

eTV Day IV | Embedded Systems

In the wake of the internet of things and the increasing use of mobile communication systems, embedded systems are becoming… more

electronica 2016: World’s first wireless car battery management system

The world’s first wireless car battery management system (BMS) is being used in a BMW i3 concept car. The innovation… more

electronica 2016: Wireless without mobile radio

Wireless networking of devices in industrial manufacturing can be seen at plenty of stands at this year’s electronica. But one… more

electronica 2016: “Development aids” for developers

The market punishes those who come late. Especially when product cycles are extremely short, which is common in the healthcare… more

eTV Day III | Medical Electronics

Electronics are key technologies in the field of medicine. They are used in not only evereything from diagnostic to treatment… more

electronica 2016: World record in hall A5

The “Sub1 Reloaded” machine just solved the Rubik’s Cube in 637 milliseconds. A world record! The AURIX™ microcontroller, which also… more

eTV Day II | Automotive

Automotive is one of the main themes here at electronica 2016. Whether semi-autonomous or completely autonomous driving, new interior and… more

electronica 2016: Good vision, even without light

See and be seen: That also counts for autonomous automobiles. In that case, an entire range of sensors replace the… more

electronica2016: “Factory in a Box”

Reports have been circulating about it for a while, but it wasn’t commercially available until recently: the Dragonfly 2020. It… more

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