IT job market 2017: Software overtakes hardware

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Software developers are the needle in the current employment haystack. That is according to the latest DEKRA Employment Market Report. Demand for mechanical and electronics engineers, on the other hand, has dropped.

In the tenth year of the DEKRA Employment Market Report, the atmosphere is predominantly positive. The jobless rate is at its lowest since German reunification and economic expectations are giving people reason to be optimistic. In many professions, those who look for a job have plenty to choose from. Much to the disappointment of recruiters.

In a random sample, nearly three out of ten job vacancies were one of the top ten professions. For the first time ever, economists were in pole position. Automotive mechatronics are brand new in the rankings. Demand for professionals who specialize in mechanical and electronic components in motor vehicles has been increasing since 2014. Electrical engineers and software developers have been at the top of the ranking since the survey started. An evaluation of all DEKRA Reports shows that the shortages of specialists that are most desperately needed right now did not just emerge yesterday. In fact, they were actually noticeable years ago.

IT job market continues to grow

Demand for IT experts remains undiminished. In light of the latest technology trends, that is not expected to change. Their relative share of the “development” field has seen an upward trend since the survey started. Right now, nearly every other job opening is for IT specialists. By comparison, that was just 31.7 percent in 2008. Based on the overall random sample, IT professions have surpassed the ten-percent mark for the first time ever. And software developers are at the very top of companies’ wish lists.

In a comparison of areas of activity, demand for engineers and natural scientists, who are also part of the “development” field, has fallen. There are also fewer job openings for mechanical engineers and electrical engineers in particular. That could be due to the growing number of graduates in classic engineering disciplines. Some employers even try to recruit aspiring engineers prior to graduation.

About the report

Every year the DEKRA Employment Market Report analyzes developments on the German job market. The current report is based on 13,941 job openings.

The 2017 DEKRA Employment Market Report is available free of charge. To request a copy, send an e-mail to It is also available as an online catalog at

IT job market 2017 (Image: DEKRA)

Demand for IT experts remains undiminished. (Image: DEKRA).